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Training World is an educational agency whose mission is to advise and provide information to prospective students interested in an international experience that contributes to their personal and professional development. As well we advise professional advertisement for Schools that wants to target the Latin-American market

Service Contract from Training World

This contract is between “TRAINING WORLD” or “MundoFormativo” registered in the Public Registry of Commerce of Argentina, 9 de Julio 151 Piso 1, Of 4, cp 5000 Córdoba City Capital, and acting as “The Supplier”, and the person that is accepting the Membership Application from contracton behalf of the company that is registering in the the web site:


The parties named on this contract, who are the signatories on the agreement, are permitted by the above companies to represent the said companies in the initiation and implementationofthis contract, and are acting freely, voluntarily and untainted.
This Contract is governed under the laws of the Republic of Argentina and will last for ONE YEARfrom the date in which was filled the membership application form contract. The Contract can be terminated by either party by giving a written notice within 30 days to the other party.


The supplier has a web site accessible from the domain www.mundoformativo.comdedicated to provide advertising services for educational institutions.

The client will benefit from a service package that could include (depending of the packages selected on the membership application form) the following alternatives:

1.Course Provider Control Panel (Standard Fee)
2.Course Provider Control Panel + Facebook Profile (Premium Fee)

The parties have agreed to develop the provision of this service, being reflected by the following clauses:


This contract governs the provision of advertising placement service online on the website www.mundoformativo.comowned by the supplier, with the aim of promoting the educational services provided by the client.


A.TheSupplier will advertisethe publicity and information provided by the client in the Course provider control panel.
B.TheSupplier may refuse the inclusion of certain publicity if they contain or may infringe third party rights, constitutional principles or are against public morality. This assessment will be left to the Supplier itself.


A.The Client accepts to make the payment of the sums due under the terms and conditions addressed in the economic conditions agreement of this contract.
B.The Client agrees to provide on time the advertising and information that needs to be included on the website. This information must to be filled in the native language which will target potential customers i.e. “Spanish”.
C.The Client guarantees to the supplier that he/she has all the rights of intellectual property on the content provided, and such content does not infringe third party rights, constitutional principles or public moral.
D.The Client guarantees to the supplier that the development of advertising has been set under the rules of advertising, services of the information society and electronic commerce, consumers and users, competition law, and any other regulations that may apply.
E.TheClient undertakes to compensate the supplier for any damages that might result from the insertion of the content provided on the Web site as was agreed in this Contract.


This Agreement shall enter into force on the day of signing the same by filling the membership application form, having aduration of12 months, renewableautomatically and indefinitely for periods of similar duration.

Means automatically renewed if there is no advance notice of 30 daysat least from it completion.


A. The supplying service of advertising in the website of the provider has two different options:
STANDAR FEE (€720.00 PER YEAR), this option includes:
Course Provider Control Panel.
PREMIUM FEE (€960.00 PER YEAR), this option includes:
Course Provider Control Panel + Facebook Profile
B. If the Web site has been inactive for any period of time because of technical reasons, updating, maintenance or any other similar situation, the Supplier will refund to the client a proportionate share of the total fee paid yearly. In no event shall any amount will be paid if it is less than€15.00.


A. The parties undertake to maintain absolute secrecy about any existing confidential information both during the term of this contract and afterwards. Confidential information means any information, principal or accessory, exchanged by the parties to carry out this contract.
B. The parties expressly declare to know and comply with European legislation on data protection.
C. TheClient expressly agrees that their data will be stored in a database, electronically or not, with the aim of managing the present contractual relationship, send advertising and information owns by the supplier. However, the parties are informed of their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition regarding their personal rights, upon written request to the address listed at the beginning of this contract.


A. All material delivered by the client to the supplier including images, graphics, sounds, logos, slogans, videos, etc., is the property of the client, and is material protected by intellectual property and industrial rules. It is forbidden to use any information owned by the Supplier for any purpose different than the one covered by this Contract and as well for any other third parties.
B.The Client is liable for any claim which may be mediated by third parties claiming a right of intellectual property with respect to advertising content.


A.TheSupplier is exclusively responsible in cases of non-compliance with service delivery, in time, date and method specified in this contract.
B. TheSupplier shall not be liable in any way from other kind of damages of any nature, arising from the insertion of advertising material on its website.
C.TheSupplier is not liable for any defaults or delays due to situations beyond its control.
D.TheClient is responsible for all material given to the Supplier for insertion in all that regards the legality of it, and that such material does not infringe any right or interest of third parties, especially with regard to intellectual property. In any case, the Supplier is entitled to claim payment of damages to the client, including legal fees.


The parties jointly agree to submit to the courts and laws of The Republic of Argentina, the differences that may arise from this contract.


The parties agree to communicate any information that may be necessary for the proper development of the project. All communication between the parties concerning this Contract shall be made throughFax, e-mail or telephone.


In addition to the general grounds of law, this agreement will terminate:

A. Through the fulfilment of the Contract.
B. As declared in a state of insolvency, bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings either party.
C. For breach of the obligations under this contract.
D. For any other grounds provided by law.

If the Client decides to cancel this contract should notice at least within30days in advance.